Mixergy Tank


Saving Energy, Time & Money

In a typical UK household, heating and hot water make up half of the energy bill.

A conventional hot water tank heats all or nothing, wastefully heating more water than you need. Moreover, as a user you have no idea how much hot water is available to use throughout the day.

The Mixergy Tank works in a fundamentally different way:



Only heat what you need

Water recovers to a useable temperature faster (up to 5x faster)

By exploiting thermal stratification and advances in controls and sensing technologies, Mixergy have developed an arrangement whereby we can ‘float’ hot water on top of cold and grow the volume as required inside the tank. This reduces heat losses significantly and means that we can reheat to a useable temperature up to 5X faster.


Hot water stays hotter for longer

In a conventional tank, the momentum of the cold incoming water causes a great deal of mixing. This contaminates the heat stored in the tank and causes the temperature at the outlet to drop prematurely. Mixergy have developed an inlet diffuser which keeps the hot an cold water volumes separate. This means that when fully heated, >30% more hot water can be discharged before the temperature drops beneath a comfortable threshold (43C).

Validated by the National Physical Laboratory (2016).


Learns your usage

Enables smart control over heating schedule

Mixergy have developed a unique sensing technology which accurately measures the amount of hot water within the tank, an onboard computer uses this signal to control the system more intelligently. For instance, you may have a single person in a large home with a 300 litre hot water tank, they may only need 50 litres of this capacity. In our case the sensor allows the computer to observe that only 50 litres is needed. Instead of heating all 300 litres, the tank can now decide just to heat 50 litres, or perhaps 80 litres to provide a bit of margin in case usage is a bit higher than expected. In this example, the water would reach a useful temperature 5X faster for the smaller volume of 50 litres and heat losses would be reduced significantly. In fact, the heat losses saved would be enough to make more than 20 cups of tea per day!


Control remotely from your phone

Optimise energy savings with smart tariffs

The Mixergy tank connects to the internet to allow remote control from your phone and smart control from the Mixergy server to save energy. By having the Mixergy tank internet connected, we can corroborate the systems minute by minute energy consumption with the real-time readings from a smart meter. This allows the household to use future smart tariffs which enable more renewable energy by turning on and off at the right time depending upon how sunny or windy it is. This is a natural extension of off-peak tariffs such as Economy 7 which only heats your tank at night to make use of spare base load from thermal plant. Whilst Economy 7 was a great step initially to use spare generation from traditional power plants such as Coal and Nuclear, today our energy system looks very different. We have now had days that have been free of coal generation for the first time since the late 19th century and large surpluses of solar and wind energy causing gas to drop out of the system at times as well.

Smart tariffs with a Mixergy tank will facilitate more renewable energy by increasing our ability to use it when it is available through demand response whilst saving carbon and cost.

The Mixergy app for Android and iOS

The Mixergy app is the best way to interact with your Mixergy hot water tank.

See the amount of hot water in your tank, and give your a tank a boost – from anywhere in the world!

Monitor the energy consumption of your hot water tank

See detailed graphs of your hot water levels and water temperatures

See whether the tank is currently heating up your water

Set an automatic heating schedule

Get an electricity cost approximation

Stop your tank from heating while you are away

Set your tank to heat using electricity or gas at different times of day

Download the Mixergy app user guide here for instructions on how to set up your tank



In a conventional system, the entire volume of water will be heated. This means less room is available for surpluses of renewable energy – The eco-friendly Mixergy tank is designed to be capable of absorbing renewable electricity in an intelligent way.

Renewable Energy

‘The Internet of Tanks’

mixergy tank across europe

Renewables are the future – Our Mission to Make the World Better, One Tank at a Time

In a conventional system, the entire volume of water will be heated. This means less room is available for surpluses of renewable energy – The eco-friendly Mixergy tank is designed to be capable of absorbing renewable electricity in an intelligent way.

  • We are currently building a fleet of units called “The Internet of Tanks“- a giant battery for the National Grid, storing excess electrical energy as hot water – Our growing fleet of Mixergy tanks enable more renewable energy capacity in the grid, producing a far more cost effective and greener solution to energy storage
  • Mixergy hot water systems take advantage of low energy prices when too much renewable energy is generated and electricity demand is low, and heat up when energy is cheap!

In addition to working with PV and solar thermal, Mixergy hot water tanks are designed to work with heat pumps. However, unlike regular cylinders which transfer heat via a large, high surface area coil where the heat transfer becomes steadily less and less effective as the tank fills up with hot water, the Mixergy system makes use of an in-line plate heat exchanger. By using an in-line heat exchanger,  water can be pumped through the exchanger and instantly heated. This maintains the Mixergy system’s ability to selectively heat the tank and allows water to be delivered 5x faster, with a 10% increase in efficiency.

The Tech Behind the Tank

The plumbing footprint of our cylinders are identical to that of conventional cylinders, ensuring ease of install. See answers to further FAQs on the Mixergy system here. For full install instructions, please download the Mixergy Installation Guide.

Heat Loss Performance Data

The current British standard testing regime is limited in that it assumes that hot water tanks heat all or nothing at a constant temperature. The following performance data shows the percentage loss saving which a Mixergy tank achieves against a traditional standing heat loss test:

Pathogen Sterilisation

The Mixergy Tank automatically runs a periodic fortnightly sterilisation routine, ensuring the very bottom of the tank attains a heat above the sterilising threshold for human pathogens (such as Legionella).

This is unlike regular tanks, which often fail to achieve sterilising temperatures due to differing modes of heat transfer – thermal convection above the immersion element mixing the water within the tank, and poor conduction of heat below this element.

Read more about the challenges with regular tank sterilisation procedures in this research article published in Applied Energy: Thermal and sanitary performance of domestic hot water cylinders: Conflicting requirements