Collaborate to Innovate Awards 2018

20 July 2018

The ENGINEER has announced The Balanced Energy Network (BEN) Project has been shortlisted for the Engineer ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ Awards 2018 in the Energy and Environment category. These awards celebrate the very best UK collaborations and innovations in engineering that address key challenges in this constantly evolving field, helping to make more efficient use of current resources and protecting the environment.

The BEN project, led by ICAX, integrates heat pumps, heat networks, thermal energy storage and Demand Side Management to provide a solution to two of the most pressing problems now facing engineers:

  • How to reduce carbon emissions (to nil) for heating
  • How to reduce NO2 emissions (to nil) from heating in city centres.

Mixergy Ltd are collaborating partners in the BEN project alongside London South Bank University with ICAX Ltd, TFGI, Upside Energy, Origen Power and Cranfield University.

The Winners Awards Party will be held in London on November 6th 2018.


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