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If you require your hot water tank to work with a Heat Pump, or feature an Internal Expansion Vessel, please call us.

*Any questions as to which configuration you require, please give us a call on 01865 884343.

For installation details, please refer to our manual: Mixergy Installation Guide

Configure your tank
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If you have a header tank in the loft, an open vented system is specified. This arrangement is referred to as ‘gravity fed’ and is a legacy of older installations. Unvented systems are mains pressurised. These more modern systems deliver much higher flow rates and don’t require a header tank in the loft. These systems are supplied with safety equipment and must be installed by a qualified heating engineer who can install to G3 regulations.
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Heat Source
A direct system is a tank that is heated electrically by an immersion element. An indirect system is one where a gas boiler, biomass boiler, or other outboard fuel source heats the tank via an internal heat exchanger. The reason it is called ‘indirect’ is because a heat exchange fluid is first heated by a separate boiler which then heats the content of the tank through its internal heat exchanger.
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Twin coil?
PLEASE NOTE: only available for 210 & 300L. Twin Coil allow for two indirect sources of heat. For example, you may have a gas boiler and a back-burner from a stove as two options to heat your tank in which case two internal heat exchangers (coils) are required.
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PV Diverter ready?
A tank which is PV Diverter Ready is able to accommodate surplus solar energy from a PV Diverter such as an Immersun or a Solar Iboost. The Mixergy tank makes better use of surplus solar energy than a conventional cylinder. Please see our video on the How it Works section, under 'The Mixergy Tank' page.
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Heat Pump
This option provides an outboard heat exchanger to allow your tank to be heated from an air or ground source heat pump. Note that this is for heat pump arrangements which work in a similar manner to a system boiler. If you have any queries, please get in touch for more detail. The lead time for heat pump variants is currently 3 weeks but get in touch if urgent and we'll do what we can to reduce this lead time.