Ecospheric Zetland Passive Homes

2 July 2018

Ecoshpheric passive homes

Ecospheric build eco developments designed to save carbon and drive technological change. They are Passive House designers working in sustainable retrofit and new builds.

Mixergy have partnered with Ecospheric on their most recent project – Zetland Road Passive Homes (Ingleside & Woodleigh) located in Chorlton, Manchester. These luxurious 5-bedroom houses are set to be the UK’s greenest retrofit, achieving Passive House Plus certification (the first of its kind in the UK!). These houses promise to produce incredibly low bills and minimal maintenance, outperforming more than 99% of new builds and any property of its era.

The 300ltr direct electric Mixergy hot water tank installed is helping these properties to achieve optimum energy efficiency, by only heating the amount of water required, and top-up technology accommodating surplus solar PV alongside grid power.

Zetland Passive Homes are set to first open their doors to the public in an  open day on September 9th with Heritage Open Days Tours.

Read more about the Zetland Passive Homes project on the Ecospheric website.



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