Install Mixergy

Whether you're a homeowner, Installer, housing provider or new build developer, Mixergy is easy to source and specify as part of your next project.

What’s not to love about a Mixergy tank

Heat what you need

Mixergy tanks save energy and money by only heating the hot water that you need

Easy to install

Mixergy tanks are just as easy to install as a conventional cylinder

Meet EPC requirements

Mixergy tanks are cost effective way to meet your SAP and EPC requirements

I’m a homeowner

Save up to 40% on your hot water bills

Whether you’re retrofitting your home or building a new one. It’s just as to install as a conventional cylinder and any Installer is able to fit one.

Simply ask your own Installer to source one for you, or search our Approved Installer Network.

I’m an Installer

Offer your customers the market leading hot water cylinder

Mixergy is just as easy to install as a conventional cylinder, and offers your customers a product which will save them energy and money for at least 25 years.

Join our Installer Network, where you’ll also get dedicated 1-1 support, promotional offers and much more.

I’m a housing provider

Support your tenants to save money and live better

We have a range of case studies to show how Mixergy is helping housing providers fight fuel poverty, while helping their tenants to live better now.

Simply get in touch with the team to find out how you can include Mixergy in your next housing stock upgrade.

I'm a housing developer

Meet your regulatory requirements in a cost effective way

Mixergy offers your buyers a unique energy saving product for the home, while helping you to meet your regulatory requirements.

Get in touch with us to find out how you can specify Mixergy as part of your plans.