Why we need intelligent tanks

The UK needs a low cost and scalable Demand Side Response (DSR) solution. To meet our 2050 climate objectives, we will have to stop using natural gas. The transition towards 2050 will consequently see the electrification of heat alongside the integration of battery systems and electric vehicles.

As building insulation standards improve, domestic hot water production and usage will become the dominant energy consumer in the home, couple this with the growth of heat-pumps, solar PV and PV diverters, which reduce grid electricity usage, and we have a huge DSR opportunity through the growth in domestic hot water cylinder installs. This is against a backdrop where electric hot water cylinders are now demonstrably more efficient than combi or system gas boilers on real world draw-cycles. Grid electricity is frequently at a lower carbon intensity than natural gas, in fact this was true 40% of the time since September last year. If we can be more opportunistic about when to heat our tanks, we could easily absorb the largest surpluses of renewable energy that arise on our power networks.


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