Solar Thermal

Mixergy tanks are also available to work with solar thermal (or solar water heating) collectors which provide a hugely efficient way to use energy from the sun to heat water for storage in the tank.

A typical system should provide around 90% of your hot water requirements, dropping to around 25% in the winter.

The Mixergy Solar Thermal Tank

As a solar thermal system will not provide 100% of the hot water you need throughout the year, the difference is made up by the main source of heat to the home, such as a boiler, heat pump, or immersion heater.

The Mixergy solar thermal tank uses a dedicated heating coil located at the bottom of the tank where it can transfer as much heat as possible during the summer months and can even take advantage of low-grade winter heat.

Along with the additional heating coil, the Mixergy solar thermal tank offers all the benefits that you would expect from a Mixergy tank including top-up heating of just the water you need, faster heating, and smart controls. You can also connect your solar thermal tank to solar PV to make even greater use of free solar energy.

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