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Black Friday deals kick-off with Mid Wales Plumbing & Heating Supplies

By Mixergy Team Nov 3, 2023
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Heat what you need for a little bit less this November!

We’re excited to be offering a Black Friday deal this month with our merchant partner, Mid Wales Plumbing and Heating Supplies (MWPHS).

Simply purchase a Mixergy cylinder (along with corresponding accessories) directly from the MWPHS webshop using the code MIXBF, before the 30th of November, and you’ll receive 5% off!

The offer applies to Mixergy direct or indirect cylinders along with the selected energy source module accessories (Mixergy PV switch, Mixergy PV diverter or Mixergy heat pump kit).

Nationwide delivery of cylinders is also available.

“MWPHS are really proud to partner closely with Mixergy to be able to offer a special 5% off the purchase price of a Mixergy direct or indirect cylinder until the end of November! The whole team here at MWPHS are really excited to be able to offer Mixergy’s current product portfolio, and look forward to their latest products that are coming soon, especially the iHP, which should revolutionise future homes, where there is very little heating requirement, but still the need for efficient DHW production" Richard Burrows,Director of MWPHS

There are a limited number available, so act fast!

Go to the MWPHS website now!

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