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By Lynsey Jamieson Feb 26, 2021
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Apps are now a permanent feature of modern life and research and smartphone users spend approximately 50% of their phone time on apps outside of making calls and writing text messages. There are now 2 million apps on Apple Store and 2.9 million on Google Play, and yet 40% of apps are uninstalled within the first 12 months of use!

So why would you want to install the Mixergy app? Well if you have a Mixergy tank, you can control it and see how much water is available at all times from the convenience of your mobile phone. However, in this article, we want to share with you how to get the most out of your Mixergy App to avoid it becoming part of the sad 40% statistic! If it is important to you that the app doesn’t use too much data, or send you too many notifications whilst delivering useful features, then the Mixergy app is exactly what you are looking for!

Smart home and IoT apps exist to help make life easier, improve product usability and create meaningful and actionable insights. This is where the Mixergy app comes into its own. Not only does it unveil data impossible to determine with conventional hot water cylinders like: how much hot water is inside, it also provides access to really useful features such as the ability to ‘maintain between’ 2 different levels rule (e.g. 20-30%) so that you never run out of hot water but minimise heat losses at the same time.

Connectivity to our ‘Mixcloud’ platform also means we can provide remote assistance and send software updates (such as the new Frost Protection feature or the voice control assistant released last month) directly to your tank.

Based on an internal poll, we have ranked our Top 10 favourite Mixergy app features, so see how many you have used!


1. See how much hot water you have.

Always know whether you’ve got enough hot water for a shower or to bathe the kids, never take a shower-roulette spin again! The exact level and temperature can be seen at any time.


2. Heat just enough.

There is no point heating the full cylinder/tank if you just want to do the washing up, so heat just enough… boost your Mixergy tank level anywhere from 1-100% of total volume at the slide of a button. From field trial data we know that customers rarely need to heat more than 50% of the hot water tank to provide a whole day of use which delivers considerable energy savings.


3. Build your perfect schedule & never run out.

If you like to wash up in the morning, bath the kids early evening, shower after that, then do more washing up… traditional timer controls can be tricky to optimise. With Mixergy you can choose exactly how much water you want, at any time of any day, so you’ll never run out or waste unused water!


4. Track your energy spend.

The Mixergy app allows you to see how much you are spending on hot water across both gas and electric, with no more guess work! You can see your tariff rate, to then enable you to see your energy spend on any selected date.


5. Holiday mode.

Save energy whilst you are away from home and schedule your holidays in advance. The tank will go dormant before powering up upon your return, saving energy and making sure you can have a nice hot bath or shower when you get home!


6. Voice control integrations.

Mixergy is now compatible with Amazon Alexa voice assistant (and further suppliers coming soon). So, if you have an Amazon smart home device in your home, you can ask “Alexa, how much hot water have I got in my Mixergy tank?” or “Alexa, boost Mixergy tank to 50%”. It really is that simple! For full details and commands for your Alexa device, visit the Amazon store and enable this skill.


7. Access machine learning schedules.

Take the need for building a schedule out of the equation with Mixergy’s ‘standard’ or ‘economy’ machine learning modes. ‘Standard’ refines your profile conservatively, and ‘economy’ mode optimises your schedule for the lowest possible cost of operation.


8. Be a ‘Mixergy Hero’.

By enabling grid assistance (and saving the planet by using more low carbon energy) you join Mixergy’s most exclusive club. The Mixergy Hero scheme allows you to see in real-time the network generation mix and carbon intensity forecast from the national grid, allowing you to plan to use energy when it is at its cleanest.


9. Improve your boilers performance.

Mixergy has been independently verified by the Energy Savings Trust to improve boiler efficiency by 12%-21% through accurate and dynamic temperature control. This means we can change the temperature of the cylinders’ contents to prevent short cycling and help the boiler run more efficiently. Enable ‘automatic schedule adjust target’ in settings and let Mixergy do this for you.


10. Swap energy sources.

Ever wanted to take advantage of the cheap electricity that your energy supplier offers you, so that you can charge your new electric car for less? Now you can. You can also programme your tank to heat with different energy sources at different times of day. Including using your cheaper rate electricity, in the middle of the night or use your green solar energy that was generated during that glorious sunny day.


If your tank has been installed for you but you are not sure whether you’re getting all of these benefits, or if you have any questions about any of the features or capabilities of your tank, Get in Touch with us, and we will be happy to help!


You can also take a visual tour of the apps features here.

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