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Mixergy app update v2.12

By Lynsey Jamieson Jan 9, 2023
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We have released version 2.12 of the Mixergy app which contains some updates and changes.


1. Improved UI of the ‘add a tank’ page



2. The tank schedule page now includes an indication for when the tank is operating under a heat pump based auto schedule



3. The clamp power graph has now been re-added and the option to “Show the clamp power graph” is selectable at the bottom of the tank settings page



4. Option to add a tank to an account without opting into grid assistance

You may also opt out of grid assistance at any time via the tank settings page



We are continually updating and improving our app with new capabilities and features to ensure users are getting a great experience so make sure you keep yours up-to-date.

Please do get in touch with us if you experience any problems or have any new app suggestions that you’d like to share with us.



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