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Mixergy app update v2.13.1

By Lynsey Jamieson May 29, 2023
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We have released Version 2.13.1 of the Mixergy app which contains some updates and minor bug fixes.


New help video should your tank go offline or lose internet connection

Should your tank lose connection, there is a helpful video which explains how to restore your connection in the first instance to get you back online as soon as possible.

Mixergy app disconnected notification and help screen


Bug fix: users can now clear the PV schedule

Mixergy app pv diverter clear schedule


New Mixergy PV diverter export current setting

Mixergy app pv export current setting


Refresh button on graphs

Mixergy app graph with refresh icon


Improved PV target temperature and PV charge limit settings

If one of the settings is changed, the other is set to a sensible value

Mixergy app target temp and charge limit


We are continually updating and improving our app with new capabilities and features to ensure users are getting a great experience so make sure you keep yours up-to-date.

Please do get in touch with us if you experience any problems or have any new app suggestions that you’d like to share with us.



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