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Mixergy EST verified to prevent boiler short cycling

By David White Sep 7, 2020
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Mixergy Helps To Prevent Boiler Short Cycling

An essential part of a modern efficient water heating system is the prevention of boiler short-cycling. What is this I hear you cry?! Well, in short boiler short-cycling occurs when the boilers’ internal thermostat senses that the water returning from the cylinder is becoming too hot, and as a result switches off to avoid over-heating. This scenario repeats itself as the water temperature cools within the boilers’ heat exchanger and causes it to roar back into life again. The boiler is basically in a state of irresolution over a length of time as the water temperature within the boiler’s own heat exchanger rises and falls below the max set thermostat temperature.

Fear not! Mixergy cylinders are here to assist. How do we defend our customers against such heat depriving tyranny?

Mixergy tanks automatically monitor and record their state of charge (yes, the hot water inside) and the overall water temperature. This monitoring quickly identifies such inefficient heating patterns, usually caused by the cylinder water temperature being set too high to begin with. The Mixergy tanks’ controller monitors the tanks conditions, and its onboard pump controls the cylinders temperature with automatic injection of cold. Hurrah!

How good is the Mixergy tank at controlling temperature and preventing boiler cycling?

Well, it’s very good! The Energy Savings Trust have verified these claims and their independent test report states that the Mixergy cylinder can save up to 21% gas consumed when heating hot water with a Mixergy tank, averaging a 12% improvement. But not only that, the tests showed that the Mixergy cylinder is the most efficient cylinder tested in every department, outperforming other top branded cylinders.

Mixergy customers can set their target hot water temperature and desired amount (volume) through their Mixergy app or allow Mixergy’s machine learning algorithm to do it for them. Either way, the right amount of hot water is delivered by the most efficient means and the right time, disgruntled children are a thing of the past.

#TeamMixergy for happy homes!

Check out our video explaining Mixergy’s ability to prevent short cycling below:

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