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Mixergy is now Alexa enabled

By David White Feb 22, 2021
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Me: “Alexa, what is the weather forecast today?”

….Also me: “Alexa, what is the England cricket score?”


Fun, but not particularly useful!


Now imagine….


Me: “Alexa, what is the hot water level in the Mixergy tank?”

Alexa: “You have 10%”

Me: “Alexa, boost Mixergy tank to 60%”

Alexa: “OK”


Imagine no more!


Amazon’s series of smart speakers, powered by Alexa assistant, are impressively capable devices – allowing users to control things in their home; from streaming music, turning on the lights, and even ordering your pizza! But we are proud to add the control of the Mixergy tank to that list.

Alexa Skills are what hold Alexa together, so you need to add the Mixergy Skill, and it will magically become a voice-controlled device, allowing you to make the following commands:

Mixergy Alexa commands table


Things to note:

  • The default device name in Alexa for your Mixergy tank is: ‘Mixergy tank’, you can rename it in your Alexa app. Some of our favourites include: ‘shiny hot water spaceship’ and ‘giant kettle’….
  • To access the Amazon Alexa skills page you will need to log in to your Amazon account.

We have even created a little video (at the bottom of this page) showing when these commands may come in handy.


If you have any ideas for any additional commands that would come in handy with the Mixergy tank, please let us know by contacting the team.

Or if you’re keen to add a Mixergy tank to your home, head over to configure one now.

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