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National Energy Efficiency Awards 2022

By David White Oct 19, 2022
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We are proud to announce that a project led by Midland Heart, in partnership with PH Jones, which used Mixergy cylinders in the specification, was shortlisted in the National Energy Efficiency Awards 2022, and the team proudly collected a ‘Special Commendation’ in the Multi-measure Project of the Year award.

Mixergy and PH Jones award commendation

Midland Heart are a housing association providing affordable homes across the Midlands and helping over 70,000 people live independently and they recently undertook a project which was delivered by PH Jones (part of Centrica), a Net-Zero technologies pilot, working with Daikin, Hive, Stelrad and ourselves.

The project included the installation of Mixergy heat pump and solar PV diverter embedded cylinders connected to Daikin Altherma heat pumps and existing rooftop solar panels, showcasing how social housing can be retrofitted with lower carbon energy solutions, combining new and innovative technologies.


The Mixergy cylinders were connected to each home’s existing rooftop solar PV arrays and the excess solar energy generated is diverted to the immersion of the Mixergy cylinders to heat water year-round for free. The heat pumps primarily serve space heating demand but can also provide hot water to the Mixergy cylinder if the solar PV is not able to meet demand alone.

This combination of technologies helped Midland Heart considerably lower their residents’ heating and hot water bills whilst boosting EPC scores from F to a B through this retrofit programme – a dramatic difference to energy costs and carbon emissions.

This project was delivered across 5 properties all on Havendale Close in Coventry, with plans to retrofit more homes in the future.

Mixergy special commendation award

Mixergy PH Jones award ceremony


To discuss the benefits of specifying Mixergy cylinders within your retrofit or new build project, get in touch with us to find out more.

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