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New Mixergy app release 2.6.3: New Insights feature

By Lynsey Jamieson Aug 18, 2021
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We have just released a new version of the Mixergy app, version 2.6.3. This update contains a new Insights feature that expands the app’s data visualisation capabilities.

The Insights feature enables users to see their hot water usage trends over time and make comparisons with both their own past water usage, but also against the hot water usage of other Mixergy tank owners.

Energy Usage Today


Within the first Insights option, titled Energy Usage Todayyou can see how much energy usage you have used so far that day, along with a cost estimation.

This is the same functionality that existed before the new Insights feature was added, however now you can only see today’s usage within this particular view and not the usage on previous days (as previously).

If you want to see the usage on previous days, you can now view this via the Energy Usage Over Time option.

Energy Usage Over Time


  • Usage over 7 days

This view shows electricity and indirect consumption over the span of a 7-day week period. This is a new feature, previously the app would only allow you to see one day’s usage at a time, now you’re able to view 7 days on the same screen.

Simply use the arrows or press Pick Date to select a different date range.

A graph of consumption is displayed and below this, the same data is shown but in a list form. Select any of the list items or dates to see more detailed information for that specific date.

Within the detailed information, you’re able to see a cost estimation for that specific day and an equivalent electricity consumption, such as how many cups of tea or how many hours of vacuum cleaning your hot water energy usage is equal to.

  • Usage per month

By pressing the Per Month tab, you can see your usage over the year, in a rate per month basis.  Just like the 7 days tab, use the arrows to select different years and click on the list items to see more information about that particular month.

Hot Water Usage Over Time


This option allows you to see how many litres of hot water have been used. The information can be viewed either over 7 days or by month.

This ability to see hot water usage is new within this app release.

Weekly Summary


The Weekly Summary option allows you to see a summary of your electricity and indirect consumption that week.

The weekly reports are generated at 6AM every Monday and are a summary of the previous 7 days.

For example, the summary in the example below was generated on Monday 10th August at 6AM and covers the period from Monday 2nd August to Sunday 9th August.

The summary shows the electricity and indirect consumption for that week in kWh and compares this to other Mixergy tank owners. And you will be informed within which percentile you are in, compared to all Mixergy tank owners e.g. top 10%, or top 20%.

This summary can be shared to social media by using the share button*.

*Make sure to tag us in your images – we’d love to find who’s in our Top 10%!

Setting up weekly summaries (settings)


Before the app can provide a weekly summary, you must provide the number of people in your particular household. This is so that the app can give a fair comparison based on your household size. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to compare a household of 2 to a household of 5.

This household size information is stored locally on the app and is not visible to anyone else or to Mixergy.

Depending on your phone settings, your Mixergy app will either update automatically, or you may have to select to update it via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  The latest version with the Insights feature is 2.6.3.


We hope you enjoy this latest feature of our app. We are constantly updating our app with new features and capabilities so make sure to always keep it up-to-date for the latest settings and functions.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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