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Ready for Zero: Evidence to inform the 2025 Future Homes Standard

By Mixergy Team Mar 3, 2023
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The Future Homes Hub have published their Task Group Report “Ready for Zero”. Bringing together 170 experts from 100 organisations, this landmark report investigates the core options for building lower carbon homes at scale to inform the Government’s public consultation on the Future Homes Standard this spring.

The UK Government is committed to delivering zero-carbon homes by 2025 through the Future Homes Standard (FHS). In a bid to tackle emissions, new homes would need to be future-proofed for a zero-carbon future, embracing low-carbon technologies enabling them to be more energy efficient and contributing to the Net Zero 2050 goal.

From fabric performance, ventilation options and windows to roofs, walls, floors and space heating, hot water solutions, heat pumps and renewables generation – everything was discussed.

The workshop also looked at the various property archetypes, from end terrace, mid terrace and semi-detached rooms in the roof, large detached (single story) to detached bungalows and low rise apartments.

These options were modelled and discussed to find the most cost-effective ways of reducing energy usage. They also looked at how smart technology can help with load-shifting and enabling services like Demand Side Response (DSR).

As the leading smart water technology provider, we believe every hot water system needs to be as intelligent and adaptable as its operator. Mixergy cylinders can be programmed to take advantage of lower-cost time-of-use electricity tariffs allowing water to be heated during off-peak periods.

Mixergy lead the conversations around domestic hot water provision and the solutions and any possible impacts with regards to cylinder sizing, re-heat periods, legionella protection, solar PV integration, comfort levels and energy usage and cost.

“I am extremely proud to have represented Mixergy at the Future Homes Hub which was tasked with collating industry experts to advise the Government, DLUHC Department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities on the Future Homes Standard set to come into effect from 2025”. Peter McBride,Business Development Manager, Mixergy

The Future Homes Standard Technical Consultation is expected to be live during Spring 2023. The FHS implementation consultation is planned for 2024, with the aim for regulations to come into effect in 2025.

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Read more from the ‘Ready for Zero: Evidence to inform the 2025 Future Homes Standard Task Group Report’ here.

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