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Renewable energy specialist Ecobubl launches partnership with Mixergy

By Mixergy Team Feb 27, 2023
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Ecobubl and Mixergy are thrilled to announce the launch of their partnership to supply and install the latest in smart water heating technology.


Mixergy’s unique ‘heat what you need’ technology with easy installation, is helping households across the UK save money on their hot water bills by up to 40% and heat their water up to 10x faster. Through Mixergy’s patented top-down heating technology which can connect to any energy source, it is fast becoming the go-to solution to save energy in our water heating.


This future-proof solution to save energy and heat water faster shows why Ecobubl are the ideal partner as one of the UK’s most trusted sources, suppliers, and trainers in the latest renewable solutions for the home.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Ecobubl because of their trusted knowledge and expertise in renewable energy solutions. We know they’ll provide an exceptional service for future Mixergy cylinder owners and installers. We’re looking forward to a flourishing partnership”. Martin Allman,Chief Commercial Officer, Mixergy

Mixergy smart hot water cylinders are as easy to install as conventional cylinders, and Ecobubl also offer a “Mixergy Hot Water Cylinder Training Course” for installers. This, alongside Ecobubl’s expertise in the variety of renewable energy sources which Mixergy can connect to, means installers will have access to exceptional support when they choose to source from Ecobubl.


All new installers will also become part of Mixergy’s Approved Installer Network, where they’ll gain access to a mobile support app and expert 1-1 support.

“We love Mixergy cylinders. Their ability to connect to any energy source while saving households up to 40% on their energy bills is why we feel they’re the future of our water heating needs. Mixergy’s engineers are a joy to work with and their cylinders couldn’t be easier to install. We’re already getting a high number of enquiries for a Mixergy cylinder, from both Installers and homeowners, and are looking forward to contributing to their growing fleet of smart hot water cylinders”. Emilie Romain,Operations Director, Ecobubl

Households with a Mixergy cylinder can control their heating with a mobile app that uses machine learning, manually set schedules, or hot water boosting functions. There is also a handy gauge attached to the cylinder to control the temperature and the option to purchase Mixergy’s Care Plan, which includes remote diagnostics to alert them of any maintenance requirements.


This ability to control the water temperature from the top-down is proving to be a popular choice in the energy transition to net-zero whilst saving people money on their bills now and reducing our carbon output.


Mixergy cylinders are available for purchase from Ecobubl now.

For more information on how to acquire one, or book their installer training, visit: https://www.ecobubl.co.uk/

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