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Save with Mixergy this Winter

By Lynsey Jamieson Dec 19, 2023
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The winter holidays are a time for giving, spending time with loved ones, and creating memories. However, with the colder temperatures and having visitors in your home during the festivities, it’s also a time when energy consumption tends to skyrocket.

Your hot water is often forgotten about when thinking about saving energy. But not with Mixergy!

With our smart home comfort benefits, you’ll be able to save with Mixergy this Winter.

Frost protection

As the temperature drops, it’s crucial your hot water system is protected and safe from freezing, particularly when your hot water cylinder is stored within your loft space.

With a Mixergy smart hot water cylinder, you can confidently rely on the built-in frost protection mode. Our smart technology automatically monitors the internal temperature of your hot water cylinder and will begin to heat up if the recorded temperature at the bottom of the tank drops below 5°C, keeping your hot water running this Winter.

Save whilst you’re away

For those planning some well-earned time away from home or to be out for the day, don’t waste energy heating water when you aren’t there.

Use the Mixergy app to easily schedule your hot water ff you know you’re going to be away. If your plans change, adjusting your schedule is simple.

Mixergy app schedule
Mixergy app: scheduling screen

More guests, no problem

If you plan to be at home, more guests needn’t bring along fear of running out of hot water.

Confidently boost your Mixergy hot water cylinder to accommodate any extra water you might need.

Boosting can be done via the Mixergy app or using the control guage – simply boost in 10% increments and allow your guests a lovely hot shower or be able to give your dog a nice warm rinse after that muddy walk!

Mixergy app boosting
Mixergy app: boost screen

Control from wherever you are

With Mixergy, experience effortless control and monitor your hot water usage or energy consumption from anywhere.

Whether from the cosy comfort of your sofa, when out on a walk or even from the other side of the world; the Mixergy app allows you to adjust your settings, check your energy spend or switch on your hot water for an earlier-than-planned return.

Mixergy app hot water usage
Mixergy app: hot water insights

Control at your fingertips

Manage your settings, save energy, turn your hot water on/off, plan in a holiday schedule… all at your fingertips via the Mixergy app.

Mixergy smart hot water cylinders guarantee your comfort wherever you spend the Winter holidays.

Mixergy priddys hard app view

Embrace the Winter sun

Even though they feel rare sometimes, we still get some beautiful and bright sunny days in the winter, and these days often generate excess solar energy.

Convert surplus solar energy into hot water with Mixergy.

We are proud that Mixergy hot water cylinders can make the most of energy generated from your solar PV, either with our own embedded solar diverter (or when combined with a third-party PV diverter).

Mixerg app: solar PV usage & settings

When connected to solar PV, you can reduce your imported grid energy by as much as 35%.

Learn more about using Mixergy with solar PV in this article.


For full details on how to choose which is the best Mixergy solution for you, check out our article here.

Mixergy cylinders also come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit the individual needs of your home – find the right combination for you.

You can either use your own plumber to install a Mixergy cylinder for you or search for one of our Approved Installers in our network.




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