P.e.t.e Project

1 July 2017

Pete project free trial tanks cormwall

The P.e.t.e (Power. Energy. Technology. Efficiency) Project launched in July 2017 with the aim of demonstrating a new method to reduce CO2 emissions, generate fresh revenue streams for individuals and encourage the increasing levels of renewable energy through improved energy usage. DESIRE stands for Distributed Energy Storage Integrating Renewable Energy and its aim is to enable more renewable energy production in places like Cornwall where network constraints inhibit new installations, with the Cornish grid at its capacity.

Upside Energy lead the consortium, working with Mixergy and Powervault to develop an integrated system using home battery systems, intelligent hot water tanks, and cloud Demand Side Response Services to provide a balancing service to the power industry. The Eden Project identify households to participate, and The University of Oxford will be overseeing the trial. The project will install 500 intelligent hot water tanks and 100 lithium-ion batteries in households across Cornwall and London before July 2019, with the intention of installing 50 batteries before the end of 2017.

See the Pete Project website for more info.

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