Warranty information

The Mixergy hot water cylinder comes with a 25 year warranty against faulty materials or manufacture subject to the following terms:

  • It has been correctly installed as per the accompanying manual and all the relevant standards, regulations and codes of practice in force at the time, and the commissioning checklist within the manual has been completed
  • It has not been modified in any way, other than by the manufacturer
  • It has not been misused, tampered with or subjected to neglect
  • It has only been used for the storage of potable water
  • It has not been subjected to frost damage
  • The unit has been serviced annually
  • A benchmark service record has been filled in after each annual service by the installer or the unit has been connected to the online analytics platform through the app and monitored each year
  • The guarantee period starts from the date of purchase and no registration is required
  • The extended guarantee is not transferable, and rests with the original householder
  • The system is fed from a public mains water supply
  • Store temperatures do not exceed 65°C
  • Installations are made only in the UK & Republic Of Ireland
  • The water supply does not have a Chloride content greater than 300ppm
  • Units are not installed with uncontrollable heat sources (E.g. Wood Burning Stoves)
  • For commercial / heavy duty installations where constant usage / reheat is required Titanium immersion heaters must be fitted in order to comply with the warranty

All peripheral components (for instance heating elements, T&P valve, expansion vessel and electronic parts) are subject to a 3 year guarantee


  • The effects of scale build-up, any labour charges associated with replacement of the unit or parts or consequential losses associated with the failure of the unit