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Fight the energy crisis with Mixergy and solar PV

By Pete Armstrong Aug 15, 2022
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  • Through work accredited by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), Mixergy can reduce hot water bills by as much as 50% with a typical solar PV installation*
  • A Mixergy tank delivers enormous savings by absorbing up to a third more solar energy throughout the year compared to a conventional hot water tank and solar PV diverter
  • Mixergy tanks are built to last more than 25 years and are future-proofed for your home’s journey towards net-zero

Generating your own solar energy gives you greater energy independence, saves money on your bills, and reduces your carbon emissions. The Mixergy tank works with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to efficiently store the energy that you have generated through the solar panels on your roof, giving you free hot water.

And Mixergy’s unique approach to volumetric heating – only heating what you need – ensures that you can maximise the use of your free solar energy, turning your hot water tank into a solar hot water battery.

And when the sun is not shining, you can still be sure that you will always have the hot water you need – delivered in the most efficient and economical way.


How much money can I save?

Gas prices have more than doubled since last year, currently sitting at more than 7p/kWh**, and are set to rise again to the equivalent of 10p/kWh next year***. Meanwhile, electricity prices are averaging ~28p/kWh and are forecast to reach 40p/kWh in 2023.

A 180 litre Mixergy tank, combined with a 4kW solar PV array could save as much as 50% on energy use equating to ~£340/annum for an electric tank and ~£150/annum for a gas heated tank.


How Mixergy makes the most of your solar energy

The key to Mixergy making the most of your solar energy lies in our patented approach to heating water via thermal stratification, using our unique sensor arrangement and smart controls.

On sunny days, when you know there will be lots of surplus solar energy generation, you can schedule your boiler, heat pump, or immersion to heat just a small volume of water in the morning – enough to get you through the morning showers and washing up. If you like, the Mixergy app can do this automatically for you through our Machine Learning capability. By only heating what you need, a larger proportion of the tank is available to be heated with free solar energy throughout the day.

And even on less sunny days, a Mixergy tank is able to use even short bursts of solar energy to produce usable hot water – just heating the water you need to reach a useful hot water temperature much more quickly and with less heat losses.


… and how conventional hot water tanks do not!

A conventional hot water tank works a bit like a big dumb kettle where all of the water is heated from the bottom of the tank irrespective of how much hot water you actually need. Not only is this slow, but it also means you are wasting energy and money every time you heat water that you don’t need.

Because conventional tanks can only heat 100% of their total volume, on sunny mornings there is minimal water volume available to be heated from solar energy throughout the day. In this example, only 42% of the tank capacity is available to generate free hot water from surplus solar energy.

And on those less sunny days, your solar energy is dumped into the whole volume of water, typically just pre-heating the bottom of the tank rather than providing a useful temperature for a shower, bath or washing up.

The message is clear. Don’t waste your solar energy – choose Mixergy!


What about PV system size?

The amount you save on your hot water bills with a Mixergy tank depends on the size of your solar PV installation – the larger the PV array, the greater the potential savings.

For a typical 4kWp system you can expect annual savings of up to 50%. And even with a small 2kW system, a 20% saving throughout the year can be expected.

Graph to show hot water savings vs solar array size
The money you can save on your hot water increases depending on the size of your PV array. With a typical 4kWp array you can make up to 50% annual savings, and even with a smaller 3kWp array you can save 40% on your hot water bills over the year


Don’t forget the many other reasons to choose Mixergy…

Mixergy tanks are not just about making the most of your solar energy. There are countless other ways in which Mixergy enables you to take a giant step towards zero carbon living in your home, whilst also saving you money on your energy bills.


Benefits include:

Volumetric heating: Save on your hot water bills all year round by only heating what you need

Heat quicker: Hot water 5x faster than a conventional tank

Hot water on demand: Build a schedule that ensures you always have enough hot water

Voice control: Smart control through your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device

Flexible heat sources: Connect to a gas or oil boiler, direct electric, solar PV, solar thermal, or heat pump

Heat pump ready: Future-proofed to connect to a heat pump


Read more about all these benefits here.

We think you’ll love it!


To get a quote on the right Mixergy tank solution for your home click here.

You can also speak to the Mixergy team in our Oxfordshire HQ on 01865 884343, who will be able to help with any questions you may have.





[*] A 50% saving can be achieved with a 4kW PV array for a typical system and usage profile, with 3kW the saving is ~40% and for 2kW the figure is ~20%

[**] https://www.britishgas.co.uk/energy/guides/average-bill.html

[***] https://www.cornwall-insight.com/price-cap-forecasts-for-january-rise-to-over-4200-as-wholesale-prices-surge-again-and-ofgem-revises-cap-methodology/

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